We organise language courses for COMPANIES and INDIVIDUALS in Italy and abroad, designing specific programmes that meet a variety of needs in terms of contents, schedule, objectives, and results.


The strong points of Coopit Language Training are:

1. Language check-up with the teacher

Before the course begins, our teachers carefully consider the needs of each student (or group) and check their language proficiency level to provide a truly effective programme in line with each student’s learning objectives.

2. Method

Our teachers use a practical and communicative approach aimed at developing all language skills, with special attention to oral comprehension and production, but without neglecting written comprehension and production. Courses are organised for individuals or for small groups divided according to their proficiency level (beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced). Each student is provided with ad hoc material based on his/her needs and uses IT tools for interactive learning. Each student has a tutor who monitors his/her progress and liases with the teacher and the corporate contact.

3. Organisation

  • Hours and days are flexible: adults and company personnel can temporarily suspend the course in case of work commitments, with the assurance that they can attend all the lessons scheduled.
  • Location: at your company or in our classrooms.